Tidal flooding and sea level rise is something we have to live with here in Hampton Roads. To live with it, we have to understand it, and analyze it.

A few years ago, Hampton Roads Academy student Olivia Basco worked with the VA Institute of Marine Science to install these gauges in spots across Hampton that often see tidal flooding. 

Across the city, there 6 gauges – with QR codes on them. To report the tide level, you scan the code then your phone directs you to a website. You can enter the information- time, height, location right there on your phone. 

The data is used by VIIMS to validate their models and improve their accuracy. 

The gauges are positioned in spots where flooding typically occurs, or in highly visible and trafficked spots. A full list is below:

Air Power Park, Newmarket Creek

Gosnold’s Hope Park Boat Ramp, Back River

Miss Hampton II Dock, Hampton River

The Barking Dog, Hampton River

Buckroe Beach Pier, Chesapeake Bay

Olde Wythe Neighborhood, Indian River Creek

If you don’t live in Hampton, you can still help us track tidal flooding. When tidal flooding occurs, send us a report with the time, location and impact. You can tweet your reports to us or email pictures/videos to us using reportit@wavy.com. You can also visit this link to report flooding.