Getting to be “On Your Side”


During orientation I was told “10 on your side,” over and over again. I thought it was just a slogan, a simple way to build morale. Even though I had seen the stories and the impact WAVY had had on the community in just my three years of living here, the skeptic inside me thought that their had to be some level of disconnect between WAVY and the community. After only two weeks being here, any doubts about this slogan are gone.

Every single person I run into at the station treats me with care and consideration. Consistently asking me how I am, how I really am. Offering me advice and help, not because they assume I need it, but just because it is what the do. It doesn’t matter how seasoned a reporter, how well they execute their job, they are here to help. They are on my side. 

Getting to sit in on the budget meetings I saw this too. The stories pitched were done with an intention. Stories about school buses,  local businesses, and city government, were all pitched to help the community, whether it means finding justice, holding officials accountable, or keeping the public informed.

Working the WebDesk I get to see this in the most direct level. Watching the response to every email, Facebook message, comment, I get to see the interaction with the community. I got to see this slogan in action. 

As an intern I even got the chance to be a part of this. Posting stories about job fairs and pumpkin patches I know I played a role, even a small one, in making the community better and more well-informed. I got to be on your side, Hampton Roads. And that’s pretty amazing.

While I want to talk about the things I’ve learned at the internships, the specifics of our software, the nitty gritty of SEO, the features of writing for the web, and so much more, this aspect of the internship is what has affected me most as we go into week three. 

Even though I’m still figuring out my path, and if I want journalism to be on it, I know I will always want to be on your side, and I can thank this internship for that.

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