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“We are driving to Virginia Beach, Hampton, and Suffolk for our shoots” Symone said as we folded ourselves into the little transit. Luckily, the weather, although, a milky overcast of thick clouds, greeted us with its welcoming warmth. We arrived at our first destination—the Virginia Beach farmers market. Brimming with local farm charisma, Symone and I, accompanied by the markets’ director, strolled down a pathway of little shops greeting the friendly patrons. As we stopped at various boutiques, I captured footage of tribal earrings, golden honey, lush produce, and, interestingly, a large black “Hulk-like” pair of feet acting as a decorative potting plant. With a demanding schedule, Symone and I shuttled ourselves back into the vehicle and traveled to Hampton, and eventually, Suffolk.

The day proved long. Thankfully, I learned a valuable lesson. Due to the time constraints, we were only allotted 30 minutes at each location. Thus, each shot needed to be concise. Furthermore, shooting with the final edit in mind, often, shots with motion hindered creating a the desired time for the segment, “What’s Happening.” Coming from a film background, usually, I intentionally include movement to manipulate how the viewers feel and to convey the story. While a slight push in or a quick whip pan adds cinematic value, often, I believe students, myself included, forget the importance of telling a story through the composition. The shots that comprise Symone’s edit are static shots. Despite my inner longing to introduce motion, I have gained both a new appreciation for the power of a still shot as well as the opportunity to practice telling a story through a 16 x 9 frame.

As of this week, I only have six weeks left in my internship. Next Wednesday, I will shadow the Hampton Roads Show learning how to produce live television. Also, I will continue progress on my commercial preparing a final cut for Kristen. For, many stories, learning curves, experiences, and insights lie before me like undiscovered tools in a Swiss Army Knife. To say that I am not excited, however, would be an untrue statement.

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