Multiple wildfires continue to spread across the state of Virginia and North Carolina, as drought conditions and the recent lack of rainfall combine to create a fire danger.

The Fall months – from mid October to the end of November are typically when we see the highest risk for wildfires. This is because during this time of the year, rainfall can become limited, as we’ve seen recently. The latest drought monitor shows abnormally dry to even severe drought conditions across the state. That’s one ingredient that leads to an increased fire danger.

This weekend, we’ll see a cold front move through the area but I don’t expect it to produce much rain. That means we’ll have mostly dry vegetation on Saturday and Sunday, when the winds associated with the front move in.

Fronts also bring in drier air, which can lower the relative humidity and make wildfires more likely.

So this weekend, we’ll have all 3 ingredients we need for an increased fire danger. That means you should put off any outdoor burning and be extra careful with flames. The embers from the fires can spread flames quickly – especially in the early afternoon when relaitive humidity is the lowest. In the evening, humidity usually increases a little, so if you have to do any outdoor burning – later in the evening is better, but it’s best to just avoid it!