Blog: Thursday Thunderstorms, Atlantic Dust Cloud, And Dolly Disintegrates.


African Dust Cloud

Definitely a different type of headline today. I’ll start off with the local weather. We have some pretty decent conditions shaping up today. High pressure is to our southeast. We have a stationary front just to our west.

Regional weather Map

We had fair skies this morning. We’ll be partly cloudy today. Winds will be light and out of the west. This will pull in some slightly drier air. Dew points are near 70 this morning, but they will fall to the mid 60s this afternoon. We’ll have some isolated showers and storms this afternoon, but the coverage will be limited. Tomorrow an area of low pressure will move north along the front. This will bring us scattered showers and storms on-and-off through the day.

Future Trak (Thursday PM)

We could see a few strong storms along with some scattered heavy downpours. We’ll also have lots of clouds in the region with a variable wind. So high temps will drop to the lower 80s. After that system kicks out to sea on Friday, then we’ll have some quiet weather for a while. Skies will be partly cloudy Friday and Saturday with high temps in the upper 80s to low 90s. We’ll have similar weather on Sunday, but there will be some isolated pm showers. It looks like some really good beach weather.

Yesterday tropical storm Dolly formed a few hundred miles southeast of Nova Scotia. It was short-lived though. By this morning it had already weakened to a tropical depression.

Tropical Satellite

This will fall apart today if it hasn’t already. It may bring a few waves to the east coast, but they won’t be too impressive. They might be a nice clean swell though. We’ll see.

Now also in the Atlantic…There is a large dust cloud that came off of Africa about a week ago. Now it is moving west over the ocean and Caribbean Sea. This is actually very common. They are called Saharan Air Layers, and they tend to dissuade tropical systems from happening. They are typically drier air masses, and tropical systems don’t like that. However, this particular dust storm is very potent. It has even created a thick haze over Puerto Rico and parts of the Caribbean. This dust cloud will thin out and work its way up into parts of the southeastern U.S. over the next couple of days.

Atlantic Dust Cloud

This should have limited impacts on our region. We will have some haziness from it. We’ll also likely have some brilliant sunrises and sunsets. Those with allergies and asthma could be affected, but I don’t think it will be too bad here locally. Here is an article with more information about it. Atlantic Dust Cloud. Stay tuned for updates.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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