The large coastal storm will continue to impact our Memorial Day weekend, but does provide an optimistic look to Memorial Day itself. For our Sunday, however, it’s a soggy one.

Dreary, foggy and gloomy conditions with drizzle and mist through most of the morning. On and off rain will pick up a bit as we head into the early afternoon time frame. Into the afternoon there will be some pockets of heavy rain with even the likelihood of a few thunderstorms for those in northeast North Carolina.

The east-northeast wind which will be gusting to 25+mph will pin our temperatures today in the 60s. Later on today the wind will gradually back off and flip out of the southwest, this will have a big influence on our weather for Memorial Day (in an optimistic way).

Tonight look for just a few showers with temperatures holding in the 60s. Memorial Day morning will feature cloud coverage, some drizzle and gloomy conditions. However, as the southwest breeze picks up we’ll carve out a little sun into the afternoon and warm things up into the upper 70s. A few spots may even reach 80°!

A handful of showers are expect, still, but nowhere near as many as we have to deal with today. Into Tuesday, I wish we could say could riddance to this coastal system, however we’ll still be under it’s influence. The system stalls along the VA-NC border, keeping scattered showers in the forecast.

The system should finally pull away on Wednesday after some morning showers finish up. Temperatures will then rebound nicely into the upper 70s and low 80s with dry conditions into the end of the week.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro