We had a nice soaking rain yesterday. It was a good thing as we’ve been running pretty dry lately. We picked up about 0.75″ up to 1.5″ of rainfall.

Rainfall Reports

This was all from an area of low pressure (and lots of moisture), but they have moved out of the area this morning. The low is up in the Northeast, and it is producing some snow. The moisture is moving offshore.

Regional Weather Map

High pressure is sliding in from the west. We’ll have a lot of sunshine today with a few clouds. Other than a sprinkle north of Hampton Roads the whole area should stay partly sunny through the day. However, it will stay pretty chilly. High temps will only be in the upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon. If it was just that and the sun, then I’d say that it will be a nice day. However, the breeze will be strong at times. Some of the gusts will be up to 25mph out of the west/northwest.

Wind Gust Forecast

Tonight the cold will cause some problems. We’ll have clear skies with light winds. Plus, the air will be pretty dry. So low temps will be able to drop down to near 40 in the metro. It may drop down to the low-mid 30s in some inland locations.

Low Temps Tonight

Therefore, we have a Frost Advisory in effect for inland locations tonight.

Frost Advisory

So if you live inland/west, then you may want to bring in the potted plants today or tonight just to be safe. Cover up newly planted flowers and herbs with a tarp or some mulch. Keep in mind that some areas could be added to the advisory later today.

Tomorrow we’ll have less wind, but it will be out of the northeast for most of the day. So high temps will be in the upper 50s near the shore with low 60s inland.

Forecast Temps Tomorrow

We’ll be dry with lots of sunshine. It think it will be nice if you can get out in the sun and out of the breeze.

We’ll be dry on Thursday, but the wind will start to turn out of the south. So high temps will rise to the 70s. We’ll be dry and mild Friday and Saturday with highs in the 70s. Then we’ll probably get close to 80 by Sunday. I’ll have more on the weekend forecast in tomorrow’s weather blog.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler