I wanted to show the regional drought update on-air this morning. The graphic that we use starts off with a national view. So I got to see the latest drought conditions across the U.S. It’s a sad and shocking sight to see. Look at how much of the country is in at least some type of drought.

U.S. Drought Monitor

Our area had a long stretch of dry weather. So before last week’s rain we were in a moderate drought with a severe drought on the Eastern Shore. Now… The drought is almost gone for the whole region. However, it only got knocked down 1 tier on the Eastern Shore.

U.S. Drought Monitor

We enjoyed some nice dry/cool weather over the weekend. (It was awesome actually). We’ll stay dry for a couple more days. However, there will be some more rain returning later this week.

For now we have high pressure in the region. There is a stationary front far to our north and well to our south.

Regional Weather Map

We’ll be dry through the day with lots of sunshine. High temps will be in the upper 60s. There will be a few 70s inland.

Forecast Temps

There will be a light north wind. Tomorrow will almost be a repeat of today. We’ll start off chilly again. Then we’ll heat up to near 70 with lots of sunshine.

Forecast Temps Tomorrow

Meanwhile, the heat will be building over the central U.S. It will be warmer in Minneapolis than it will be here by about 10 degrees (their high temp is usually 3-4pm Central Time). Having said that…We will have some nice stable temperatures over the next few days. We’ll be dry and mild on Wednesday with highs in the mid 70s. By Wednesday night the wind will start to pick up out of the south. This will pull up a lot of moisture out of the south. So on Thursday we will have lots of clouds and possibly lots of rain.

GFS Model (Thursday)

It will be good to get the rain as I mentioned that we need to stay out of the drought. Also, Fall planting is in full swing. I didn’t put any grass seed down this year, but I did just fertilize my fescue. After the rain we should dry out in time for the weekend. I’ll have more on that in tomorrow’s weather blog.

Tropical storm Julia crossed over Central America during the weekend. Now it is over the Pacific Ocean. It should fall apart soon.

Track Of Julia

While the drought monitor graphic shocked me when I saw it… I was also recently shocked to hear the there were several glaciers that collapsed this Summer during some of the large heat waves. These were in several different locations. Here’s the article with more information. 2022 Summer Glacier Collapses.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler