We had a lot of melting yesterday. There was a good amount of sunshine and high temperatures made it up into the low 40s. Today we’ll be in the low-mid 40s with fair skies. So more melting will occur.

We have a stationary front in the region with high pressure nearby.

Regional Weather Map

We’ll have fair skies with light and variable winds. All-in-all it will be a decent day. It will be dry and chilly, but milder than a couple of days ago. Tomorrow we’ll warm up! Winds will pick up out of the southwest. We’ll have partly cloudy skies for a while. The weak front will lift north as a warm front. So high temps will aim for the low 50s.

Forecast Temperatures Tomorrow

Whatever doesn’t melt today will likely melt tomorrow. However, a stronger cold front will enter the area later tomorrow. We’ll cloud up during the late afternoon with some isolated showers possible by the evening. This could turn into some isolated flurries from tomorrow night into Wednesday morning as the front slowly sags south. Then we’ll dry out again. High temps will drop to the mid 30s on Wednesday. We’ll have a breezy wind out of the north with partly cloudy skies. We’ll stay dry and cold on Thursday. Then we’ll warm to the 40s on Friday.

Everyone is asking about the weather for the end of the week. Keep in mind that it’s still very early to give a decent forecast for that time-frame. Having said that the models show a strong cold front moving through the region. An area of low pressure looks to move through along with the front. It may start as rain showers late Friday into Friday night. Then it could turn into a wintry mix before ending as some snow. Here is a look at the GFS and Euro models for Saturday morning.

GFS Model Saturday Morning
Euro Model Saturday Morning

The bottom line is that we’ll have to wait a couple of days to get a better forecast. We’ll have plenty of time to update you before Friday. Either way this system looks different from last weekend. Last weekend the cold air was definitely sticking around as the precip moved in. However, this next time milder air will pull up ahead of it for a while. Stay tuned for updates on it throughout the week.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler