We had the light scattered showers move through the region yesterday. They didn’t bring much rain (a tenth of an inch or less), but it’s nice to keep getting some refreshing rain showers. There will be a few more showers today, but it will only be some scattered showers for a brief time. It will also stay cool today. Here’s the setup:

We have a stationary front to our south with a weakening area of low pressure to the southwest. There is a strengthening area of low pressure to the southeast (offshore).

Regional Weather Map

We are starting off with partly cloudy skies this morning. It was actually pretty nice out.

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We had temps in the 60s with a light northeast breeze. There were a few showers over parts of North Carolina, and a few spotty showers north of the metro. Today we will see increasing clouds during the late morning and midday hours. We’ll have some scattered rain showers coming in off of the ocean between the late morning and early afternoon.

Future Trak (Early Afternoon)

Then drier air will push southward through the day. So we should get some clearing during the late afternoon and evening hours. We’ll have a northeast breeze through the day. So high temps should be held down into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. There will be some low-mid 80s inland. It will be pretty nice out for a while!

Forecast Temps Today

Tomorrow the offshore low will move north/northeast.

Future Trak (Tomorrow)

It will strengthen some more as it does. This may throw a couple of isolated showers our way, but I think the bulk of the day will be nice and mild. High temps will be near 80. There may be a few gusty winds near the shore. The waves will increase along the shore, and this could increase the rip current threat. Stay tuned!

We’ll have more quiet weather on Thursday with partly cloudy skies and highs in the low 80s. The offshore low should move off far to the northeast, and high pressure will settle in. High temps will be in the low 80s. It should be a pretty nice day!

By Friday and Saturday the winds will start to turn more out of the south. We’ll have moisture and clouds returning. So there will be some scattered rain showers on Friday. Then we’ll have some scattered showers and a few storms on Saturday. Highs will be in the 80s. The models looks drier on Sunday. I’ll have more on the weekend forecast in tomorrow’s weather blog.

It’s pretty quiet in the tropics. There have been a couple of weak disturbances lately, but none of them have formed into anything. It will be quiet for at least the next 48 hours.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler