Temperatures this week truly can’t make up their mind… we’re up then down then up then down… the roller coaster ride is almost as rocky and rickety as the classic 46 year old Loch Ness Monster in Busch Gardens. But at least it’s thrown us a good deal of sunshine!

Cooler sunshine is the story today as the gently northerly breeze will pin our temperatures in the low to mid 60s. And just as quickly as things cooled off today is as quickly as things will warm back up tomorrow!

The same front the dropped in last night will turn around and lift as a warm front. In doing so, we’ll welcome a warm breeze and high temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80° with just a few passing clouds.

The rickety and rocky roller coaster will bring us one more drop in our temperatures for the weekend. The second cold front this week moves in Thursday night to abruptly bring back some cooler air. Temperatures will plummet into the upper 50s on Friday with a fresh northerly breeze. As the front stalls to our south, some moisture will come along it and bring in some light rain showers later on Friday.

Expect increasing clouds on Friday with scattered light rain showers developing by the evening hours. As of now, rainfall amounts do not look too significant, we’ll likely see only about a tenth of an inch in most locations.

Fortunately, this moisture drifts south for the weekend and we’ll welcome some nice fall weather for Saturday and Sunday. Cooler sunshine is expected on Saturday with some passing clouds on Sunday. Rainfall will be close by to our south on Sunday so the forecast is subject to change (we may have to add some showers).

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro