For Saturday, expect partly sunny skies with a few showers and storms. Highs will be in the 80s across the region. The best chance for storms will come in the afternoon hours. A few could be slow movers and produce heavy rain and gusty winds.

A similar weather pattern is expected Sunday. A few showers/storms will be possible in the morning with the best chances arriving in the afternoon.

Humidity levels will remain high through the next several days. However, we’ll see a drop late next week as a front moves in. This will do two things – reduce our temperatures and help to keep Lee further off our coastline.

Lee as of Saturday morning is still a major hurricane. Some wind shear continues to impact the system, but it’s doing a good job of fighting it off this morning. Last night, the hurricane hunter aircraft were not able to get inside the eye due to multiple strong storms around the center. So we don’t have a true pressure reading this morning – but to me on the satellite it looks like it’s trying to hold itself together well. The NHC forecasts Lee to weaken a little more to a category 2 before re-strengthening to a category 4 by next week.

Most models show a curve to the north, west of Bermuda and far east from our coastline. This is thanks in part to that front that I mentioned earlier coming in and an area of high pressure east of Bermuda. We still need to watch it, but confidence is high in a turn to the north.

Regardless, we’ll still see some BIG waves and a high risk of rip currents next week. This will be dangerous to anyone entering the water Tuesday through next weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend! 

Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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