A warm Friday is expected across the area with highs near 90 for much of the region. We could also see a spotty shower or storm in a few spots.

Friday morning we woke up to a bit of a smoky smell in the air once again as wildfires in Hyde County, North Carolina, continue to produce some smoke that is drifting north. This smoke is often more noticeable in the morning because of inversions that we have in place in the morning. These inversions trap the smoke in the lower levels of the atmosphere, leading to a bit more of a smell. In addition to the inversions, in the morning and overnight our winds are weaker. The air doesn’t move as much. In the afternoon, as the sun heats the earth, the air moves more and the wind is more noteworthy. As a result, some of the smoke mixes out more in the afternoon than in the morning.

One thing you’ll also notice today is the humidity. It will be with us through the weekend and into next week. A few showers and storms may occur thanks to it.

Will we see rain this weekend? Yes. Will everyone see it? No. The rain chances will be scattered around, with not everyone seeing rain. Sunday features the best rain chances.

The best time for showers and storms will be in the afternoon – with rain chances fading into the evening.

It will be a warm weekend though, with highs on Saturday near 90 and in the 80s on Sunday. For the Fourth on Monday, a few scattered showers can be expected as well with maybe a storm as well into the afternoon.

In the tropics, we continue to track Potential Tropical Cyclone #2. This system looks the best this morning than it has all week, but still has not developed a closed center of circulation yet. As a result, it does not have a name – yet. The hurricane center still forecasts it to move across Central America and into the Pacific Basin over the weekend. If it develops first, and gets a name before it makes landfall in the Caribbean, and then tracks into the Pacific Ocean basin, it will keep its name which will likely be Bonnie. No impact to us of course, but thought you may want to know!

Hope you have a great Friday! 
Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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