Welcome to the weekend! Hope you had a good week. The weather this weekend will not be too bad, but we’ll have to contend with a few rain showers on Sunday at times, and if you’re heading to the beach, there’s some things you should know.

Let’s start with the rain chances first. Most of the day Saturday will be dry but late in the day, some moisture will move in from the south. This will lead to some rain chances by the late evening/early overnight, especially in NE NC. Inland areas towards Sussex, Southampton – you’ll also see a better chance of showers later today.

Across the 7 cities, Hampton Roads metro – I expect our rain chances will increase overnight with some scattered showers expected on radar as we wake up Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon – especially if we see any peeks of sun during the morning, some showers/storms will be likely. A few of them could have some heavy rain associated with them as there will be a lot of water vapor (moisture) in the air. Flooding of poor drainage areas will be possible- even though we’re behind on rainfall. When the soil is dry, it doesn’t soak up rain as fast as soil that has some moisture in it. So, as the heavy rain falls, it can puddle up and become runoff, leading to isolated flooding problems.

Monday into Tuesday, we’ll see a few spotty showers but I’ve lowered rain chances a bit for Monday. We may have to re-evaluate that as new data comes in, but right now expect some dry time with some late day showers possible.

Now, onto the beach hazards. At the area beaches, a HIGH risk for rip currents exists. Swimming is discouraged due to the rough surf. The waves will calm down a bit on Sunday and into Monday, but we’ll have to wait until Tue for any significant decrease.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro did a fantastic story the other day explaining what rip currents are and how you can escape them. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

In terms of tides, we’re pretty much done with any type of bit time impactful flooding from the higher than normal tides. Through the weekend, they’ll still be running slightly above normal just because of the easterly breeze and the impact from the full moon but not expecting too many issues.

Hope you have a great weekend! 
Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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