Our fantastic stretch of weather continues into Sunday as high pressure slides just to the east, resulting in mostly sunny skies and a light wind out of the southeast. We’ll see a touch more humidity on Sunday thanks to that southeast wind, but it won’t be too excessive.

Heading into Monday and the work week, we see temperatures climb into the upper 80s to low 90s! With mostly sunny skies expected, it’s a bit of a taste of Summer at the very end of the season.

We expect dry conditions through Wednesday. By Thursday a few showers will be possible as we see a cool front move in. At this time, rain chances don’t look to be incredibly high – which is not exactly a good thing… We could use some rain. Since June 1st, parts of our area are more than 10 inches behind in rainfall!

So, with our weather calm through the next few days, let’s talk about Fiona.

As of Sunday morning, the center of Fiona is located south of Puerto Rico. The rain bands are impacting the island, resulting in heavy rain. Flash flooding will be likely across the island on Sunday, and with the mountainous terrain that can result in some big time problems.

Initially, it looked like Fiona would make landfall in the Dominican Republic. However, the track now takes it between Puerto Rico and the Dominican. As a result, the system should maintain its strength or even strengthen some as it moves northwest. A stronger system is more likely to curve further north and out to sea in this case, missing the east coast. The latest NHC forecast shows this, with the storm far off our coast but close to Bermuda by the end of the week.

Even though the system is expected to be many miles off the coast, we expect to see some swells and rip currents from it as we head into late in the week. Red flags could be flying at area beaches again late in the week.

Hope you have a great weekend! 
Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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