A wonderful day of weather is on tap for Sunday with temperatures once again climbing into the low 60s across the region. With high pressure in place, we’ll see sunshine this afternoon and light winds.

The combination of the high pressure,light winds, lack of clouds and dry air allowed for temps Sunday morning to fall into the 30s and 40s region wide. Expect similar conditions tonight as radiational cooling occurs. Basically, radiational cooling is where the sun’s radiation escapes back out into space at night due to no cloud cover. If we had clouds, the clouds would trap the warm air a bit and keep us milder. Not tonight. Expect lows in the 40s along the coast and 30s inland.

Monday will be another beautiful day with highs once again in the 60s. Enjoy it because change is on the way…

On Tuesday, a front will approch and move through our area. We could see a shower or two with this, but moisture looks limited with this front so don’t expect widespread rain. We will see the wind shift to a north/nw direction on Tuesday, but the cold air may lag a bit behind the front. This makes high temperature forecasting tricky. If the cold air comes in earlier, we could be cooler on Tuesday. If it lags some, highs could reach the mid to upper 60s before falling late in the day. The Eastern Shore will likely be cooler either way.

What is certain is that this front will bring us a pattern change with our highs going from above average to below average for the remainder of the week. Highs will only be in the 50s Wed, Thu and Friday. Some inland spots and areas along the Eastern Shore may only warm into the mid to upper 40s. Quite a difference from the previous weeks!

Our average last frost or freeze comes towards the late part of March or early/mid April depending on where you live. Winter isn’t over. I expect several nights with temps in the 30s late next week. We could see some frost form especially across inland locations.

Enjoy this afternoon!

Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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