Sunday, we’ll see increasing clouds through the day as a warm front lifts to the north. This front will be the trigger for some showers and storms this afternoon – some of which could have heavy rain.

We will not see rain all day long, but do expect a few showers at times, especially inland. The most likely time for showers and storms will be after noon, with increasing chances towards the mid to late afternoon. Expect showers and storms in the southern OBX through the morning – as the front moves north from the south.

The most likely spot for any flooding issues is across interior Hampton Roads and parts of NE NC where a level 2 flood risk exists.

The humidity won’t be too bad on Sunday, but will quickly increase for Monday and through the work week. That means the heat index will increase too – resulting in it feeling like 100+ by Tuesday.

In other weather news this morning, check out this amazing view of a waterspout in the Southern OBX on Saturday. This waterspout formed in Ocracoke around 6pm according to the folks at the Harbor Inn. At one time, there were actually TWO waterspouts! I’ve seen quite a few pictures of the waterspouts shared but would love to see some more. If you have any, send them to us at or tweet them to me!

Hope you have a great weekend! 
Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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