Blog: A Cool & Drier Day. Week Ahead Looks Pretty Good!


Temperature Trend

Over the last 48 hours a cool front has slowly sunk through the region. It brought some heavy rain to the area over the last 2 days, but yesterday it was mostly a light rain. Then last night there was some heavy rain over the Outer Banks. Here are the recent rainfall estimates from Super Doppler 10 radar:

Rainfall Estimates

The front is currently over North Carolina, and it is still trying to drop south some more.

Regional Weather Map

There were a few showers over the Outer Banks this morning, and there will be some isolated showers near the front in eastern North Carolina today. Otherwise the region is looking at some nice weather. We’ll be partly cloudy through the day. High temps will be in the mid-upper 80s. The humidity has dropped. Dew points are in the mid 60s. So it will feel a little drier today. Winds will be out of the north then east at 5-10mph.

Tomorrow we’ll be partly cloudy with the wind turning out of the south. High temps will run up to the low 90s. The humidity will rise again too. So the heat index will be in the mid 90s. There probably won’t be any rain during the day, but there may be some scattered showers tomorrow night as another cool front enters the region. Then we’ll be dry with highs in the 80s on Thursday. We’ll be partly cloudy on Friday with some isolated showers possible. The weekend forecast has dried up for now, but I’m cautiously optimistic about that.

If you think the upper sky is a bit more hazy than normal today, you’re not imagining things. Some of the smoke and dust from the western U.S. is moving up into Canada, and it is riding down into the eastern U.S. It is very high up. So you won’t feel it or smell it. You can actually see it on the satellite (orange color):

Smoke On Satellite

You can see a thin veil of clouds overhead on the tower cams, and some component of that is the smoke from the west:

Tower Camp

It should help to make for some nice sunrises and sunsets.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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