Beginning of the End


There I sat in my favorite room in the entire building—Edit Bay A. Before me, two monitors. This week I continued to work on my project. However, after roughly an hour, I discovered that most of my work was complete. Sitting in the morning meeting earlier that day, I learned about new changes being made to the Discovering Hampton Roads in 60 Seconds logo. Currently, the logo is a still graphic. However, with inspiration pouring from my fingertips, I set to animating the logo. Although I am no expert in After Effects, I learned a variety of techniques ranging from new expressions (which involves coding) to animating in 3D space. After building multiple layers, I finished the logo with a unique sound design that highlights the time theme coursing throughout the segment.

            As I opened the door to the crowded conference room, I quietly took a seat in the back. Advanced Power Points riddled with text and extensive Excel sheets glowed on the monitor. Today, I would shadow the sales department. At WAVY, the sales team is in charge of selling time slots between national and local programming. After the morning meeting, I had the chance, along with my fellow interns, to sit down with various directors in the sales department and to ask extensive questions regarding sales. Although I am not looking to pursue a career in sales, I believe understanding how a television station makes a profit is valuable for understanding one’s position. For instance, the sales department works heavily with promotions. If my department does not produce content that excellently promotes the brand, than, most likely, businesses will not buy time slots. In my shadowing experiences, I have discovered that each department plays an integral role in producing television and each department is extremely valuable to the stations’ success. 

            “Hey there, Taylor! Would you mind if I shadowed you?” As my internship ends, I am finishing up the last of my shadowing experiences. Today, I had the opportunity to shadow Taylor, who works the web desk. Her job is promoting WAVY through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, she also updates and highlights important news articles throughout the day. As I sat watching her work, I asked about the importance of posting. She provided two tips for growing a social presence. First, post often but not too often. Simply, keep your brand on the mind of the viewers but do not bombard them. Second, posts at certain times to select audiences. When posting certain stories, remember your audience and gear your posts to the audience. As a media professional, this was helpful information in regards to promoting my own personal brand.  

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