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The familiar click of the unlocking door echoed throughout the hallway. I walked into the promotions office—empty. Sitting down at my desk, I checked my WAVY email, and the door swung violently open. I swiveled around in my chair. “Zak, would you like to do topicals again,” Kristen said with a smile. I grinned, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I would.”

                  In previous postings, I have discussed both the value and art of writing topicals. For me, this job peeks my interest due to the interesting method of preparing a topical—research and writing. Each time I gain the opportunity to write a topical, I sit down with Kristen, who, possessing an extensive background in producing, helps me to construct excellent teasers. After practicing my 4 pm topicals, Mark, the official topical writer for the promotions office, walked into the office. Upon Kristen’s suggestion, I asked Mark if I might help to write the 7 pm topical, as well. However, I quickly discovered the difficulty of writing multiple topicals in one day.

                  As the news story changes throughout the day, Mark receives updates. It is his job to examine those updates and to determine whether they are helpful for teasing the story. Furthermore, throughout a typical day, the audience changes. The 4 pm audience, simply, is not the same as the 7 pm audience. Receiving updates, I then rewrote all my topicals with additional information to grasp the attention of the 7 pm audience. Mark also offered suggestions for improvement, which helped tremendously.

                  Old music piped through an organ-like an amplifier, which rang throughout the building. Spinning around, I attempted to maintain proper framing with the camera. Symone sat on the horse waving to the camera as we both repeatedly went around and around. As a little child, I thoroughly enjoyed riding on a carousel. The entire ambiance, from the fat Edison light bulbs, emitting a warm yellowish glow to the rhythmic timing of the horse’s movement with the cheerful music, entranced me as a young child. Filming a segment on a moving carousel, however, is quite difficult. For instance, when the carousel whipped around, I found obtaining accurate focus a burdensome task. Additionally, I instantly discovered that, if a person struggles with motion sickness, then, watching the camera screen on a moving apparatus, might prove challenging. However, I quickly adjusted to the unique atmosphere and Symone and I shot our segment, and throughout our shooting, captured the brilliance and nostalgia of a carousel.

                  As of this week, I only have three weeks left in my internship. Although I am overjoyed to graduate from Regent University, I am disheartened that my time at WAVY wanes. Everyday, I have learned a new insight into the television industry. And, I am excited to employ my skills and knowledge in this competitive industry in the years to come.

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