A look behind the Hampton Roads Show


This was a whirlwind of a week for me. The official migration from WordPress to Lakana took place on Wednesday and I got a chance to spend my morning on Friday shadowing on the Hampton Roads Show. It was so cool to actually be on the set while they filmed rather than sitting in the production booth like I’ve done before. Out of all of the things I’ve done on my internship checklist, this was one of the more hands-on shadowing experiences I’ve had.

A few new projects that I’ve been working on in addition to my shadowing  are updating the guides on the HRscene website, putting the finishing touches on the Weekend Planner and becoming more familiar with the Lakana web platform. It’s crazy how fast this internship has been going and I have to attribute that to the fast paced work environment  that I’ve grown to love. I like that there is always something to do at WAVY even if that means getting to shadow another intern for the Hampton Roads Show. Getting the chance to put on the headset and helping with floor directing showed me just how many moving parts there are to the Hampton Roads Show. I really liked seeing what goes into making a show and understanding how the planning process goes but I’m also happy to be returning to my desk to edit and write for the web. My heart really lies there.

A few things that I’m looking forward to for the rest of my internship are getting a chance to look at what goes on in sale, possibly edit my own topical and get a chance to really work on my online posting skills. I’ve had so many opportunities so far to learn and I can’t wait to see what these last few weeks have in store for me.

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