CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY)- With the help of 10 On Your Side, Chesapeake-based Ocean Marine Inc. has recovered nearly $400,000 after unwittingly sending vendor payments to fraudsters.

Ocean Marine Inc. has been selling underwater imaging equipment in the Tidewater area for more than 20 years.

President Jeanne Dorsey said the company was brought to its knees last month after its vendor’s email account was hacked. Fraudsters directed an Ocean Marine Inc. employee to route $900,000 payments to a new Bank of America account.

Dorsey said she contacted the FBI but heard nothing for weeks. She could only communicate with her company’s bank, Towne Bank, and got little information.

10 On Your Side studied the paper trail, and worked with contacts at Bank of America. A day after our calls, Dorsey said she got news that took her breath away.

Nearly $400,000 was tracked down and headed back to her bank account- an outcome a financial crime expert said is extremely rare.

“I seriously don’t believe we would have gotten the traction on this case without your involvement, and WAVY,” Dorsey said. “I don’t want to cry but you know, I never expected to get these funds returned.”

Dorsey said the situation was so dire that she and her partner had each liquidated their retirement accounts to stay open.

“It brought me to my knees,” Dorsey said. “I’m just very grateful for everything you’ve done and your perseverance and following up. Thank you so much.”

Dorsey is counting on the FBI to track down the remainder of the funds.