PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Experts are warning about a new Facebook scam.

Scammers are joining “Trash and Treasure” and “Yard Sale” Facebook groups where they post attention grabbing posts, asking people to “boost” it or like and comment so it can been seen by more people. Some of these posts may be about lost or injured pets.

Once the post gets popular, the scammers will “bait and switch”, or change the post to something completely different, such as a real estate advertisement.

“There is a level or responsibility that goes into existing on social media,” warns Myles McNutt, an Associate Professor in ODU’s Department of Communication and Theatre Arts. He says users need to be aware of not just what they share but where the information is coming from.

One way users can spot these scams is by looking at the account who made a post before sharing it. Accounts with little to no personal information, pictures or posts are red flags.