CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A local DJ and photographer is working to take back the community. His mentoring program held a youth fishing day on Sunday at Elizabeth River Park.

Brandon Eley has been mentoring kids for 20 years and says male mentors are needed now more than ever. “It’s hurting the heart now seeing kids that I basically helped raise, die to gun violence,” explained Eley. “I have some free time sometimes, so I give it to the kids!”

The Baby Boy mentoring program is for boys ages 5-17 years old. The group of volunteers will teach kids life lessons while fishing. The volunteers provided free fishing rods, bait, and food for a community cookout.

Eley tells 10 On Your Side patience and calmness are key with fishing. “You can’t make the fish bite your bait. So, you have to wait and be patient.”

During the youth fishing day, boys will also learn the importance of taking losses.

“Most kids they think they are supposed to win every time. You’re not going to catch a lot of fish, all the time. You might catch one fish one day and 10 the next time,” said Eley.

Eley hopes to help kids focus on the good in the community. “It’s gotten too much out of hand with the killings. My grandma always told me ‘the love fixes that’,” he said. “Lets get back the love, the bonding!”

His goal is to have the fishing days every week, but he needs more volunteers to partner with him to make it happen for the kids.

If you would like to work with Eley, email or call 757-537-0404.