HVAC contractor says he’ll refund Beach couple $10,000, remove system

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Ever since last October, it’s been a winter and summer of HVAC hassles for Joe and Toby Rissin. They moved from Long Island to their home near Virginia Wesleyan University a year ago.

They had HCEC, owned by Antwain Chatman, install a new heating and cooling system 10 months ago.

“In the winter we were cold, and in the summer we were hot,” Toby Rissin said Wednesday morning, when she, her husband and Chatman sat down face to face to resolve the problem. “Why did this go on this long?”

Now Chatman says he’ll refund their $10,000 and remove the system so they can go with someone else.

He’s agreed to do right by the Rissins, but still says others are to blame.

“The time line, unfortunately, it happens,” Chatman said as he spoke with the Rissins in their living room. “There is a process and a due process, and unfortunately, I had the wrong people working for me at the time.”

Chatman says he did not make mistakes on the Rissins’ system. Others working for him did.

“When I came here, I diagnosed. I did not sell. I did not install.”

We asked Chatman if he agreed that as the owner of the company, he was ultimately responsible.

“As an owner, I took it upon myself to rectify the situation.”

“There’s only one problem with that,” Joe Rissin countered. “I agree with what he’s saying, but he’s been in business too long for me to have to tell him that now. This should be done.”

Chatman verified on camera that he would refund every dollar the Rissins paid him.

“We are at the end of our rope,” Toby Rissin said. “And if it wasn’t for 10 On Your Side, I don’t know if (Chatman) would have done anything, or what we would have done.”

Chatman says he will personally remove the equipment to make sure it’s done properly and provide temporary cooling for the Rissins while the removal takes place.

We asked what a reasonable time limit would be to have the work completed and the money refunded.

“At the most, this should be completed by the first week of September,” Chatman said.

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