PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – With today’s gas prices nearing $5 a gallon, drivers are actively trying to find the best ways to stretch their miles per gallon.

Some drivers attempt to increase their fuel efficiency by storing their cars in cool temperature to avoid gas in the tank from evaporating, but is this necessary?

Fact or Fiction?

10 On Your Side went to the experts to “Fuel the Facts” to get the answer. It turns out, yes, your gas will turn to vapor if heated up, but that doesn’t mean your gas won’t run on it.

“This is a little technical for me. What the experts have told me is whether it’s liquid, or if it’s vapor, it’s still gas. It’s still in your tank and the vapor recovery system that we have in our vehicles lets the air leave but doesn’t let the vapor leave. So when the temperature drops, that vapor will turn back into the liquid, condense, turn back into the gasoline that you burn. As temperature goes up, you may have more vapor, but it goes up and down but it stays the same amount.”

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