PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – 10 On Your Side is wading through all the tips you see online about conserving fuel, to separate fact from fiction.

WAVY’s Madison Pearman set out to find out… when you fill up your tank if you should do it when it’s colder out because then the gas going in your car is a little bit more dense than it would be if it were hot out.

She asked Holly Dalby with AAA Tidewater if this can actually help your fuel economy.

Fact or Fiction?

“Well, it is a myth. The research shows that because where it’s stored, in the tanks underground at a consistent temperature, that’s not impacting what we’re putting in our tanks. Maybe if we were flying jets it might be a different story, but because of what we’re driving that’s not the case,” Dalby said.

So if it’s hot outside you’re not going to get any more or less gas than you would if you had filled up when it’s cold outside.

That said, when you get gas might be a factor.

“The time of day can help you if you’re not sitting in traffic. If you’re avoiding rush hour traffic you’re not waiting in line at the pumps the less you’re sitting there idling, the less fuel you’re using so that’s where the savings comes in,” she added.

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