Children of Change: 2nd graders take kindness to the next level

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HAMPTON, Va (WAVY) — Kindness is something we all desperately need in our lives right now.

At Barron Elementary School in Hampton, some of the littlest kids in the school decided they want to showcase kindness in a big way. Second graders Kara Hinshaw and Jordyn Hooker wanted to take kindness to the next level.

“We need a little more kindness, so we decided that we could make a kindness month,” says Jordyn.

“We thought of maybe one teacher a day could go on the morning show and say an inspirational thing,” says Kara.

The two 2nd graders created a business proposal — yes, a business proposal. They presented it to their principal, Karen Johnson.

“I was really blown away. These two little ladies, they were excellent at their business proposal. They were very eloquent, very passionate, and so I was very excited over the fact that they wanted to take it on,” Johnson says.

Johnson immediately said yes to the proposal. So, Barron Elementary officially dubbed the entire month of May as “Kindness Month.”

“It makes me feel happy because people aren’t bullying,” says Kara.

No one at Barron even has time to bully! They’re all too busy trying to outdo one another by finding ways to be more kind.

“The true goal of education is not only intelligence, but character as well,” says Mrs. Johnson.

I think it’s clear, that goal has been reached at Barron Elementary.

“Kindness shouldn’t just be on one day or another. It should be everywhere,” says Jordyn.

“It makes me feel good because one day these little people are going to be leading the world and what a wonderful group of leaders they are going to be,” says Mrs. Johnson.

The students were so excited about teachers leading the day with inspirational messages in May, they decided to extend Kindness month into June! There is one difference. This month, the kids are the ones starting the day with inspirational quotes and messages of kindness. The go on the morning announcements and speak to the entire school!

If you know of a child or children making a difference in the community, we want to hear from you!

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