CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Chesapeake officials confirmed they’re looking into multiple recent reports of high water bills in the city, some as high as several thousand dollars.

10 On Your Side has been looking into the issues for about two weeks now, after being notified about numerous complaints that led to creation of the Facebook group Hampton Roads Water. Though other people who spoke with WAVY said they’ve been having issues longer than just recently.

We’ve also been looking into high bills in other cities as well to see what may be leading to these issues.

In Tuesday night’s city council meeting, citizens spoke of getting high bills from the city despite plumbers confirming they have no leaks. Two citizens spoke about how they couldn’t afford the sky-high bills with their fixed income, and said bills jumped from about $159 and $79 per month to about $600-$700 and several thousand dollars, respectively.

City Manager Christopher Price said Tuesday night his staff is investigating and he wants a city work session to present what they find. Chesapeake Public Utilities Director David Jurgens was also at Tuesday’s meeting, Price said, and was set to answer questions with bills.

Jurgens in a recent interview with WAVY said constantly flowing toilets are the typical culprit for high bills, and can lead to as much as a gallon of water per minute being used. He said his team regularly fields calls about issues with bills and is willing to speak to each person with concerns.

Many people overall who’ve reached out to 10 On Your Side though insist they’ve had plumbers and other professionals sign off to say they didn’t have leaks, and don’t plan on paying for high bills they say are not checking out.

WAVY is continuing to look into the issues in the meantime. If you have problems with your bill, you can email and