RICHMOND (WAVY) – The marijuana law debate continues in the Commonwealth. Attorney General Mark Herring (VA-D) is pushing to decriminalize some amounts of marijuana in the state.

Speaking with WAVY News 10, Herring said he wants to stop arresting and prosecuting people with small amounts of weed.

Cannabis-related crimes have soared in the past several years.

New data shows last year, marijuana arrests rose to their highest level in at least 20 years.

Image provided by the Office of Attorney General Mark Herring

The attorney general says it’s just too expensive and puts a drain on the state’s judicial system.

“Virginia spends about $81 million a year in enforcing its possession laws. That’s money that can be much better spent and put toward our public safety,” said Herring.

As for the details, like how much is considered a “small amount”, Herring says he’ll work with lawmakers in Richmond and law enforcement across the state to make those decisions.