VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Before you take flight, it’s important to know that a AAA travel advisor recently came across a scam targeting air travelers. The scam is specifically targeting air travelers who search for an airline’s phone number online due to their flight being canceled or delayed.

The scam provides fake phone numbers which lead callers to an unrelated third party. The third party asks air travelers for their reservation information and credit card number to pay for a fictitious “service fee” or price difference between flights.

These scams present deceptive “fees” that can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars.

“AAA Tidewater reminds travelers to remain vigilant while they are travelling,” said Judy Ocasio, AAA Tidewater vice president of travel. “Working with a AAA travel agent can help ease the stress as they can help guide you through this experience.”

AAA Tidewater recommends that:

  • If your flight is delayed or canceled, and you’re at the airport, speak with a gate agent in person or use the airline’s app.
  • If you prefer to call the airline, use the toll-free number that appears on their website.
  • An airline will not charge you for a canceled or delayed flight.
  • Prior to a trip, download the airline’s app and save their toll-free number on your phone.
  • To avoid these situations, work with a travel agent ahead of time and purchase travel insurance to cover incidental expenses like meals and lodging in the event of a cancelation.